Prof. Johannes Tümler

  • FAQ

    Some general questions and answers:

    1. Q: Do you have a topic for my thesis?
      A: See below, sometimes there are some ideas. You may also send me your own idea.

    2. Q: I can't do programming. Can I do a thesis with you?
      A: You "may" do it, but I don't think I can suggest good topics to you.

    3. Q: Do you have a template for my thesis / report?
      A: You can find templates here: Marc Enzmann.

    4. Q: How can I schedule a meeting with you?
      A: See file "howtoMeeting.pdf" below.
  • Internal open topics

    Here you finde some topics for projects/theses in the field of AR/VR/MR/xR or in general regarding computer schience to be done in the lab of Prof. Tümler.

    P: Project ("WPM Projekt")
    BPR: Internship
    B: Bachelor thesis
    M: Master thesis

    • [P/BPR/B/M]     WebAR / WebVR: Exploration of technology to show AR/VR in the Browser (programming in Unity or other xR-Frameworks)
    • [P/BPR/B/M]     Virtual PlayDoh: Explore possibilities to simulate PlayDoh in VR (programming in Unity)
    • [P/BPR/B/M]     Biotech-House: Implementation of a level management (programming in Unity)
    • [BPR/B/M]     Simluation for mechanical engineering: VR-lathe for everybody with Unity (2D) and VR cardboard (programming in Unity)
    • [BPR/B]     Multi-User Multi-Platform Collaboration: marker based registration for AR/VR systems (programming in Unity)
    • [BPR/B/M]     Multi-User Multi-Platform Collaboration: Cardboard AltspaceVR Client (programming in Unity)
    • [BPR/M]     Multi-User Multi-Platform Collaboration: Retreive SpatialData from WMR and Android (programming in Unity)
    • [BPR/B/M]     Multi-User Multi-Platform Collaboration: Data management - when, why and how can data be synchronized efficiently? (programming in Unity)
    • [BPR/B/M]     Multi-User Multi-Platform Collaboration: MRTK with CardboardVR (programming in Unity)
    • [BPR/B/M]    Model optimization: Create a flexible tool to reduce batches and setPass Calls (programming in Unity)
    • [P/BPR/B]     Tracking-System for Teaching: Implement optical and magnetic Tracking, data fusion with values from inertial measurement unit (programming in Python)
    • [BRP/B/M]    Set up Mozilla Hubs for use with CardboardVR
    • [P/BPR]     teaching support: programming with Minecraft (programming in Minecraft)
    • [P]     Theremin, especially for study course Medientechnik (programming in C with Arduino)

External open topics (to be done at industry/research partners, supervision by prof. Tümler)

Here you find topics that can be supervised by prof. Tümler at other research / industry institutions.

Current ongoing internal theses

Currently the following theses are supervised by prof. Tümler and make use of the xR lab:

  • Master, Computer Science: Mingjian Liu, "xR-Szenensynchronisation zwischen unterschiedlichen Plattformen"
  • Master, Biomedical Engineering: Alp Toprak, "Interaction representation on different xR-platforms"
  • Master, Data Science: Rong Huang, "Biotech-Haus in VR"
  • Master, Biomedical Engineering: Angela Odame, "Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Cardiac Anatomy Education"
  • Master, Biomedical Engineering: Mary Igbudu,"Analysis of Eye-Tracking Data in VR"

Besides these lab theses, there are candidates supervised outside of the lab.

Finished Theses

Theses finished internally at prof. Tümler's lab:

  • 2021, Master, Biomedical Engineering: Angela Odame "Virtual Reality as a Teaching Tool in Cardiac Anatomy Education"
  • 2021, Master, Biomedical Engineering: Alp Toprak "Investigation of Visualizing Interaction Metaphors to enable Collabration for Augmented and Virtual Reality on Multi-Plaforms for Medical Applications"
  • 2021, Bachelor, Mechanical Engineering: Yuntao Xu "Simulation der Drehmaschine in Unity Engine und deren Interaktion durch VR Geräte"
  • 2020, Master, Biomedical Engineering: Manisha Balani "Investigation of Interaction Metaphors for Augmented and Virtual Reality on Multi-Platforms for Medical Applications"