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Being a core element of our university, we always strive to optimally support your studies with our services.

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  • Register

    Anhalt University Library is a scientific, public library that provides literature and information to university members as well as interested citzen. In order To borrow media, we have to ask you to register and agree to our rules and regulations.

    To register, please bring your University ID or your personal ID or passport.

    Please note that by your registration you accept the collection of personal data in the context of the use of the University Library and agree to the privacy policy in accordance with §9 paragraph 3 of the DSG-LSA.

  • To lend & to order

    Books and other physical media is available for loan as long as not marked otherwise.

    You'll find most of the media grouped according to thematic classification and signature in the freehand areas of the libraries. More about the location and the availability can be found in our OPAC.

    Please order the following media from us personally/by telephone/by e-mail or via our contact form:

    • Printed theses
    • Periodicals of a previous year
    • Media with the addition "SR" ("Schriftenreihe") at the beginning of the signature

    Our staff will be glad to provide you with the ordered literature as soon as possible. 



  • Renew & reserve literature

    Renew literature

    Media can be lent for 28 days and the lending can be renewed online up to seven times, unless somebody reserves it. Journals and books marked as reference collection are not for loan.

    You can manage your lendings, reserve and renew online via your libarary account or our Library-App. Please log in with your library number (starting 3329xxxxxxxx) and - preset - the first three letters of you last name.

    You can change the password anytime.

    Please note: You may not extend your deadline if
    • it has already passed,
    • you have already renewed your loan seven times or
    • there is a pre-existing reservation for your item.


    Reserve literature

    If you need media that has been lent already, you can reserve it within our Online-Catalogue or via our App (Playstore & iTunes). You'll be asked to log in with your library number and password.
    Once a medium is reserved it can't be renewed by the owner.
    We'll inform you as soon as the medium is available.
    If you need immediate access to the medium, please check, if there is a reference copy to work with at the library.

  • Deadlines & Fees

    Overdue fines according to the Rules on the Collection of Library Fees:
    • 1st reminder: 2.00 €
    • 2nd reminder: 5.00 € (plus 1st reminder)
    • 3rd reminder: 10.00 € (plus 1st and 2nd reminder)

    The dunning level increases after 14 days.

  • Inter Library Loan

    As a user of the Anhalt University Library you are entitled to participate the inter library loan of our common library network. Please ask your librarian.

  • Remote Access

    To access our digital services outside the campus network you may authenticate for the campus network via your browser settings. Please follow the instructions.

    Any questions or trouble?

  • Tours & Introductions

    You are invited to attend a guided tour to introduce you to our libraries, our stock and services.

    Please make an appointment!

  • Library-App

    Our Library-App enables you to search within our catalogue, to reserve and renew liteature and have yourself reminded of deadlines by your mobile deivice.

    Please visit your App- or Play-Store and search for "Bibliothek Hochschule Anhalt"!


    • Android updates your account automatically.
    • Using iOS you can choose within the settings whether your account is updated automatically (our recommendation) or manually (default). 

    Preliminary memories

    • Android sends "push-messages" shortly before the loan period expires. With Android, you can activate preliminary reminders within your account-settings and define the reminded period.
    • For iOS the reminder appointments will be added to your calendar. This requires that the app is connected to your calendar, which has to be enabled within your settings - the calendar named "Library" has to be activated.
  • Service for distance students

    To benefit of all of your library's services please have your student card activated as a user card. You can send us a filled out registration form along wih a copy of your student ID by e-mail.

    As a distance student you can pre-order literature at your library and pick it up, while you are here. Please use our contact form or contact us by phone or email.

    For your distance learning, external access to our digital resources will be a valuable research tool. Most of the digital resources that we provide is accessible for you after a small browser configuration and authentication with your student-data.

  • Deregister

    For your exmatriculation you will need to visit the library with the exmatriculation form and have us confirm that your account is cleared from loans as well as fees.

    In case you will stay in our region it is up to you to continue to use our libraries as an individual user after your studies.