Bezalel Academy of Arts

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  • Architektur, Facility Management und Geoinformation (FB3)
  • Design (FB4)
  • Architektur, Master of Arts (FB3)
  • Architecture (DIA), Master of Arts (FB3)
  • Integrated Design, Master of Arts (FB4)
  • Integriertes Design, Bachelor of Arts (FB4)
  • Intermediales Design, Master of Arts (FB4)
Zahl der Austauschplätze 2

Academic calendar:
Fall/winter (1st) semester
Lectures: mid/end October – end January/beginning FebruaryPresentations: during the last week of the semester.
Spring/summer (2nd) semester
Lectures: end February/beginning March – end June beginning JulyPresentations: during the last week of the semester.**Subject to change according to the Jewish calendar.

Exchange students can choose their courses from 3rd year level courses.Registration is upon arrival.

Full time workload/semester
12 credits practical courses = 24 ECTS1 Bezalel credit= 2 ECTS

Language of instruction:
The primary language is Hebrew. (with some courses in English) Faculty and Students are happy to help with translations.No previous knowledge of Hebrew required. *High level of English proficiency REQUIRED.

Incoming students must arrange themselves with hostels or private apartments. We try to connect them with valid websites or students who have information about sublets.

Health insurance:
All students must obtain their health insurance coverage through the Harel Yedidim Insurance Agency for the duration of their studies at Bezalel. The rate for the UMS plan is $1.5 per day. For more information about the available plan, please visit the website:

All students must obtain a student visa before entering Israel. Please contact the Israeli Embassy/Consulate nearest to you for more information.

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