Hochschule Anhalt gemeinsam mit Fraunhofer CSP Halle auf der InterSolar

Die Hochschule Anhalt ist in Halle A2/Stand 209 mit folgenden Exponatthemen vertreten:


Sebastian Dittmann

Sandra Dullau

Henny Grewe

  • AgriPVPlus

    A multifunctional  land-use Approach

    Agrivoltaic (AgriPV) involves the use of land both for agriculture and solar energy generation. Such dual systems have been developed in recent years. However, their potential to contribute to biodiversity and ecosystem services restoration has been rarely discussed. The network aims to investigate an innovative and sustainable triple-use approach, called the AgriPVplus system, that combines crop production, solar energy generation, and restoration of biodiversity. This approach enables, e.g., improving species diversity in intensively used agricultural areas or restoring degraded soil, resolving land-use conflicts, and fostering socioeconomic benefits.

    Objectives of the network are

    • building an interdisciplinary research group of ecological, photovoltaic, and agricultural scientists
    • forming a cross-sector collaboration between science, the solar industry, farmers, and relevant stakeholders
    • developing joint projects of international relevance
    • demonstrating the application of well-tested restora-tion methods for the triple-use approach of AgriPVplus systems and research of its effects and synergies
    • supporting the European Union‘s2030 Biodiversity Strategy and 2050 climate neutrality goal.

    Membership Requirements
    The Network AgriPVplus welcomes new members and is open to scientists and all relevant stakeholders from restoration, agriculture, and photovoltaics. Each member must agree to support the network through active contributions.

    Germany Federal Ministry of Education and Research
    Forschung an Fachhochschulen
    Duration: 09/2021 – 04/2025
    Contract number: 13FH133KX0


    Sandra Dullau

    Sebastian Dittmann


    Bild: LED-Sonnensimulator

    Quality Assurance for Photovoltaic

    The Anhalt Photovoltaic Performance and LifetimeLaboratory (APOLLO) focuses on Photovoltaicmetrology, performance measurements, reliability, anddurability of Photovoltaic modules and systems. Weoperate an outdoor and indoor laboratory with state-ofthe-art test facilities to characterize Photovoltaic cells,modules, and system components under laboratory andreal operation conditions.

    Highlights of our laboratory facility

    • Class AAA LED sun simulator with two independentlight sources according to IEC standards
    • Mobile LED sun simulator for field testing
    • Spectrometer for time-resolved (TCSPC) and timeintegrated(Raman)
    • High-precision meteorological equipment for on-sitemeasurement of environmental parameters
    • Energy yield measurements of single PV moduleswith I-V tracer in different applications (open rack orfacade)
    • Energy yield measurements of grid-connected MonoandBifacial PV systems
    • AgriPVplus demonstrator with vertical east/westmounted Bifacial PV modules

    APOLLO is part of the TruePowerTM Alliance, foundingmember of PhotoVoltaic Collaborative to AdvanceMulticlimate Performance Energy Research (PV CAMPER),and founder of the AgriPVplus Network.As your partner in national and international research orindustrial projects, we offer the development and testingof new PV module technologies and components. If youare looking for an academic partner for funding projectsor looking for a reliable test facility for PV prototypesor independent third-party testing, please feel free to contact us.


    Sebastian Dittmann