Architectural and Cultural Heritage (M. A.)

Department Architecture, Facility Management and Geoinformation

Course content and objectives

The need for preservation, conservation, and rehabilitation of heritage sites​ is not new, however working as an expert in the restoration sector is a relatively young specialization in architecture worldwide. In the changing scenario of uncertainty in the world, enhanced efforts to preserve the cultural and architectural heritage for the next generation are required. The Master's Program 'Architectural and Cultural Heritage' is the formal teaching approach in this area. We endeavor to develop new knowledge, raise new questions based on the changing contexts, while at the same time equip ourselves with the best practices in the sector of Building Restoration. Our program is a amalgamation of Theory, Design, and Research and is closely connect with the region's UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the State ​Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments in Saxony-Anhalt and the State Archives in Saxony-Anhalt.


  • University Degree

    For admission to a master’s degree in Architectural and Cultural Heritage, a Bachelor’s degree (at least than six semesters) in a related field is required – Acceptable degrees include Architecture, Archaeology, History of Art, Civil Engineering, Geography, Facilities Management, History, Interior Design or Surveying Technology. Alternatively, candidates with relevant professional experience related to cultural heritage preservation may also be considered for admission.

    In exceptional cases: Candidates may also be admitted based on relevant work experience or exceptional interest in the preservation and conservation sector. This consideration can only be given to candidates who contact the department of MAC directly before applying formally. 

  • Language Skills

    This program is taught exclusively in English. Sufficient proficiency in English is an admission requirement for all English taught master's degree programs. You will need to submit proof of your proficiency in English as part of the application process. You may submit proof of your English proficiency in the form of an official certificate (for example IELTSTOEFL, etc.). If we have any doubts regarding the quality of your language skills, you may be asked to sit for an English language exam upon arrival in Germany. Native English speakers, or those who have completed a bachelor’s degree in the English language and can submit proper documentation of this, will not need to sit for an English exam.

Career Opportunities

There are countless career possibilities for graduates of the Architectural and Cultural Heritage Master’s Degree Program. Some popular choices include working as an expert in restoration projects, project management for historical sites, developing concepts for a thoughtful and intentional approach to restoration and conservation of monuments/ buildings, and historical building research work, often to work in and contribute to the academic field. 

Career Opportunities