Hydrogen Forum 2023

Hochschule Anhalt


We at Hochschule Anhalt are glad to invite you to exchange experiences, network and discuss green hydrogen opportunities and challenges.

  • Day 1: May 23rd Morning

    08:00 h

    09:00 h
    Welcome Session

    Prof. Dr. Bagdahn / HSA / Germany
    Till Mansmann / BMBF / Germany

    09:30 h
    Session: Financing Green Hydrogen Infrastructure and Equipment Investments

    Financing Green Hydrogen Projects in Ghana
    Dr. Gertrude Amoakohene / GCTU / Ghana

    Finance and Risk Management of Green Hydrogen
    Prof. Dr. Jürgen Peterseim / PWC / Germany

    Green Hydrogen Financing: Opportunities for Africa’s Development
    Fred Kabanda / African Development Bank / Côte d'Ivoire

    Financing Renewable Energy in Africa – Opportunities, Challenges and Unknowns
    Christian Toben / Commerzbank AG / Germany

    11:05 h
    Coffee and Networking Break

    11:35 h
    Session: Efficient Production of GreenHydrogen in Africa

    Green Hydrogen from Renewables – What We Need
    Dr. Carsten Bührer / PNE AG / Germany

    Water Issues related to Hydrogen Production in PecémHarbor
    Prof. Dr. José Araruna / PUC Rio / Brazil

    Potential of Wind Energy in Morocco and Tunisiafor Producing Green Hydrogen
    Prof. Dr. Chouaib Benqlilou / ENSMR / Morocco

    H2Global meets Africa
    Leon Schumm & Prof. Dr. Michael Sterner / OTH Regensburg / Germany

  • Day 1: May 23rd Afternoon

    13:10 h
    Lunch Break

    14:30 h
    Session: Education and Training Requirements for the Green Hydrogen Economy

    Building the Workforce for the Green Hydrogen Economy - Opportunities and Challenges for Africa
    Christiane Naumann / DCG / Germany

    Education and Training Activities of the Competence Centre H2Safety@BAM
    Dr. Kai Holtappels / BAM / Germany

    German System of Apprenticeship Education
    Luise Maudanz / ZWH / Germany

    15:40 h
    Coffee and Networking Break

    16:10 h
    Session: Involving African Local Economy and Society in the Green Hydrogen Value Chain

    The Green Hydrogen Value Chain for Namibia
    Dr. Zivayi Chiguvare / UNAM / Namibia

    Exploring the Socio-Economic Impact of Green Hydrogen Production on Local Communities in Namibia
    Toni Beukes / HYPHEN / Namibia

    16:55 h
    Anhalt University – Skill Set Opportunities for International Students
    Prof. Dr. Lothar Koppers / HSA / Germany

    17:10 h
    End of the first day

  • Day 2: May 24th Morning

    9:00 h
    Session: Logistics of Green Hydrogen between Africa and Germany/EU

    Green Hydrogen Production, Transportation and Utilization in the Marine Sector
    Dr. Han Sol Jung / KSOE / South Korea

    Hydrogen Economy in Middle Germany
    Tobias Richter / HYPOS / Germany

    Materials Compatibility for Safe Hydrogen Applications
    Prof. Dr. Böllinghaus / BAM / Germany & Dr. Chiguvare / UNAM / Namibia

    Creating a Global Hydrogen Market – Opportunities and Challenges for African Countries
    Ann-Kathrin Lipponer / IRENA / Germany

    10:30 h
    Coffee and Networking Break

    11:05 h
    Session: Efficient Production of GreenHydrogen in Africa (continued)

    The Role of Capacity Building, Certification and Technology Developments for a Green Hydrogen Market in Africa
    Dr. Ilse Klemens / Fraunhofer IMWS / Germany

    Economic Perspectives for a Free-carbon Economy Based on Sustainable Energy in Morocco
    Prof. Dr. Samid Rachidi / IRESEN / Morocco

    GreeN H2 – Feasibility Study for Green Hydrogen in Namibia
    Dr. Chokri Boumrifak / DECHEMA / Germany

    mysol PV – First Integrated Manufacturing Plant forSolar Modules in Morocco
    Prof. Dr. Ralf Wehrspohn / ITEL / Germany

    Seawater Desalination, Brine Disposal and Treatment for the Green Hydrogen Industry in Namibia
    Dr. Daniel Frank & Robert Schmidt / DECHEMA /Germany

  • Day 2: May 24th Afternoon

    13:00 h
    Lunch Break

    14:00 h
    Podium Discussion on Stage: Economic opportunities for Africa Along the Value Chain of Green Hydrogen

    Prof. Dr. Jörg Bagdahn / HSA / Germany
    Prof. Dr. M. Samir Rachidi / IRESEN / Morocco
    Prof. Dr. Kenneth Matengu / UNAM / Namibia
    Dr. Gunar Hering / Enertrag / Germany
    Nana Yaa Serwaa Sarpong / Ghana

    Moderation: Prof. Dr. Markus Holz / HSA / Germany

    15:30 h 
    Closing Remarks and end of the forum

    Dr. Markus Holz / HSA / Germany
    Prof. Dr. Cornelia Scott / HSA / Germany

    17:00 h
    Visit to the traditional winery of Hochschule Anhalt on the Wallada hill

    Comfortable shoes and rain protection are advised for this walking tour

A bus tour to renewable power sites in the vicinity of Bernburg will take place on the 25th. There are limited seats, please indicate on the registration form if you are interested in joining the tour.