Hydrogen Forum 2023

Hochschule Anhalt


German-African Green Hydrogen Forum

23 - 25 May 2023
Bernburg (Saale), Germany
and online

We at Hochschule Anhalt are glad to invite you to exchange experiences, network and discuss green hydrogen opportunities and challenges.

Green hydrogen is seen as a cornerstone of the energy transition and decarbonization efforts of industry, transportation and the utilities sectors. The binding goal of the EU and Germany to reduce net zero carbon emissions by 2045 will substantially increase the demand for green hydrogen as an important carbon-free substitute for fossil fuels. 

The World Energy Council expects an annual demand of 60 million tons (equivalent 2.000 TWh) hydrogen and its derivatives (especially ammonia and methanol) in the EU until 2050. It is estimated that the EU can produce less than half of its needed hydrogen by 2050, and will need to import the rest.

African coastal countries therefore have the opportunity to become net exporters of their carbon-free regenerative energy in the form of hydrogen and its derivatives and to enable better economic growth and generate wealth on the African continent.

The large-scale production, transport and storage of green hydrogen will require large investments in the development of knowledge and training, logistics and capital goods – for both the EU and African countries. Thus both European and (coastal) African countries are facing great challenges in the future development of the green hydrogen economy. 

It is important to discuss these challenges at an early stage and to devise purposeful strategies. This is done best in the form or a collaborative dialogue between Germany and African countries. Saxony-Anhalt and the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences are recognized within Germany and the EU for their leading roles and long tradition with respect to regenerative energies and would therefore like to invite you to the German- African Green Hydrogen Forum.