Landscape Architecture (M. A.)

Department Agriculture, Ecotrophology, and Landscape Development

Course content and objectives

The international two-year, full-time Master of Landscape Architecture program is an accredited, design-based course of study. It is aimed at applicants from academic and professional backgrounds who wish to develop their professional leadership potential. The program provides students both theoretical and practical training in an interdisciplinary and intercultural framework. With the aim of improving the interpersonal skills of students to become effective team players, commitment to team goals and contributions to university activities are part of the educational concept. When finished, students have the tools to craft problem-oriented and sustainable solutions to landscape architectural challenges. Lecturers come from the Anhalt University's programs in architecture, nature conservation and other related fields, as well as the urban design program at the renowned "Bauhaus" school. Partnerships with leading European schools for landscape architecture and top landscape professionals ensure students are familiar with current innovative practices in the field.


  • University Degree

    A qualified university degree (Diploma, Bachelor or Master) in landscape architecture, architecture or similar programs with a standard period of study of at least three years is required.

  • Language Skills

    English language proficiency (TOEFL (iBT) of at least 85 from 120, IELTS 6.5 from 9 or equivalent English language certificates). An evidenced graduation from an English-medium college or university is also accepted.

  • Aptitude Test Procedure

    examined criteria:

    • Portfolio
    • relevant work experience of at least one year
    • in some cases aptitude interview

Career Opportunities

Team work and leadership skills

  • develop and train international team work skills
  • interdisciplinary focussed projects
  • develop management skills essential for managerial functions
  • Landscape architecture careers in both the public and private sectors.
  • Landscape architectural, planning, engineering and multidisciplinary consultancy firms at local, regional and international levels.
  • Abundant opportunities for work in companies in related fields through conservation agencies, land development companies etc.
  • Entrepreneurs can practice as freelance landscape architects or start up their own landscape architectural practices