Hochschule Anhalt ist erneut auf der IBC 2022 vertreten

Der FB Elektrotechnik, Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen und Maschinenbau ist mit folgendem Thema in Halle 2/B16 dabei:

  • Your data is everywhere you need. Right Now.

    Professionaldata distribution over WAN-IP with full utilisation of available bandwidth

    • Full performance regardless of latency and network impairments
    • Up to 10 concurrent data streams in one session
    • Up to 25 Gbps
    • No additionalnetwork equipment needed
    • An easy API for your customised muligigabit-capable applications.

    RMDT - Transport protocol for every need

    RMDT is a software library that provides an interface for developing applications thatcan reliably transmit data to multiple destinations distributed even across continents.

    RMDT is reliable and very stable, even under poor network conditions such as high delays, packet loss and jitter. Mission-critical tasks such as data replication in caching systems for web applications, distribution of large content, and exchange of scientific data can benefit from Reliable Multi-Destination Data Transport.

    RMDT has a fast, stable and reliable software application that can serve as a highway for your data traffic. RMDT supports up to 10 simultaneous streams at 1 Gbps, which can distribute data to different locations around the world.

    The protocol incorporates a set of novel algorithms and technologies, which are subject of more than 26 man-years of research and development at the Future Internet Lab Anhalt.

    Typical use-cases

    •  Extreem file transfer
    • Database synchronisation
    • Reliable multi-gigabit streaming
    • Disaster recovery
    • Data distribution

    Need a custom solution or develop your own application?

    RMDT provides an API for C++ that allows you to use a multi-gigabit transport solution in a few steps.


    Prof. Dr. Eduard Siemens

    Dr. Dmitry Kachan