Elektro- und Informationstechnik (M.Eng.)

About the Study Program

Your Study Plan - three major fields of studies

The study program Electrical and Computer Engineering allows you to choose one out of three major fields of study. Depending on which major field you decide for, your study plan will vary. You can find detailed information about the study plans here.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Requirements for Admission

    What are the required documents for the application?

    The UniAssist applicants portal will detail this precisely. Please be prepared to upload:

    • your diploma
    • your transcript of records
    • evidence of your language proficiency in the English language (e.g. an IELTS test certificate)
    • a letter of motivation.

    What are the minimum admission requirements?

    • a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, electrical and computer engineering
      electronics or a closely related field
    • a final grade betther than the equivalent of 2.7 in German grades
    • evidence of proficiency in the English language:
      a test certificate at B2-level in the CEFR, i.e. IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL iBT 83 (or better)
      a certificate from the university, that the language of instruction was English

    Does fulfillment of the minimum requirements guarantee admission?

    Unfortunately NO. The program is not very large, we need to restrict the intake of students per semester to a number compatible with our ressources.

    How do you select your students?

    We check the following:

    • minimum requirements
    • courses taken in the bachelor's program
    • your motivation and ambitions as stated in your letter of motivation
    • frequently we invite our applicants to an interview on WebEx, to get to know them. Of course the impression from the interview is quite important too.

    How long does it take from application to admission?

    This depends on the number of applicants, but we do try to make sure, that all applicants receive notification of the acceptance or rejection one month after the end of the application period, i.e. by mid February for the summer semester or mid August for the winter semester.

    What if the visa application takes too long to arrive in time?

    For the time-being, we start each semester in a hybrid-mode, so arriving a couple of days late is not that much of a problem. If it takes longer though, you should request a deferment immediately after the start of the semester.
    Your acceptance will then be valid for the next semester.

  • About the Study Program

    What are the available specializations?

    You can specialize in the following fields:

    • Automation Engineering
    • Communication Systems Engineering
    • Embedded Systems Engineering

    You can find a detailed study plan for each field on this page.

    How is the program structured?

    This master's program is to be studied in full-time and runs over three semesters with the last semester being filled out mostly by working on your Master's thesis. The program allows you to choose one major field of studies out of these three options:

    Automation Engineering,
    Communication Engineering
    Embedded Systems Engineering

  • Language of Instruction

    What is the language of instruction?

    This study program is English-taught.

    What is the language that examinations are given in?

    That's also English! For students who'd prefer to take an exam in German language, this is also possible on request.

  • Monetary matters

    Are there any tuition fees?

    There are two kinds of fees, that you will have to take into consideration:

    • Studentenwerk Halle provides a cafeteria and the dormitories. For this service students have to
    • pay a contribution of approximately 85 Euros per semester, even if they don't live in the dormitory.
    • administrative support for international students is being financed by a fee; the concrete amount
      is currently under discussion, presumably it will be between 250 and 500 Euros per semester.

    Please note: These fees can change.

    Are there any stipends available?

    The university offers a number of stipends, e.g. Deutschland-Stipendium or STIBET for international students.
    Other sources are to be found on the universitys website: Please have a look at the page Scholarship programs.

    Are there jobs openings for teaching- or research assistants available?

    In principle, yes. The demand for capable students to assist in different projects or courses is great. We can however not guarantee jobs for all our students. Demand depends on whether we have sufficient research grants.

    Are there job openings outside of the uni, e.g. in a company nearby?

    Again: In principle, yes. But also: There is a strong fluctuation and neither job offers nor the acceptance of your applications can be guaranteed.

Conditions and regulations for all enrollment years