Hints for incomers

Please inform us if and when you want to start with our program. It would be nice to get an update about your process (visa, accommodation, arrival in Köthen) from time to time.

Currently there are no tuition fees for the master students who enrolled prior to summer term 2022 - they only have to pay a “semester contribution” of about 86 Euro for each semester.

Students who enrolled for summer term 2022 or later have to pay 500,-€ semester fees and 86,-€ semester contribution

All semester contribution and/or semester fees have to be transferred in one amount to the following account:

If you enroll for the master program please follow the instructions at the “request for enrollment” document at the application portal.

If you want to re-register please follow the instructions at the HIS-QIS Examination Portal or SSC Student Portal

HINT: Banks usually charge for transfer of funds and often subtract those fees from the amount you are transferring. You need to make sure that your bank will transfer the whole amount of EURO to the university account. Only then you will be able to get registered.

German public health insurance

It's necessary to have it, but it's difficult to get from your home country. Don't worry about it. That's why we help you in this case AFTER YOUR ARRIVING in Köthen to sign up for the public health insurance and to get the certificate for enrolment in our program.

As requested by law, it is mandatory to have a German public health insurance for students under the age of 30. A travel insurance or a private insurance will be not excepted for registration at a German University.Please don’t get insured in your home country since this could cause serious problems here in Germany.