After admission

First steps after admission

  • Download your admission letter from our registration portal
  • Inform us if you need the original admission letter (we can send it only by airmail without tracking proof)
  • Start Visa process in your home country
  • Prepare blocked bank account
  • Perhaps you want a travel insurance (only for your travel!)
  • If you want to accept the study position, please confirm your admission to Anhalt University and apply for enrolment in our registration system
  • Semester contribution (please look at the hints for incomers)
  • Try to get in contact with our senior students using social media communities (unfortunately we - Anhalt University- cannot provide you with contact information)

VERY IMPORTANT: You have to search and apply for an accommodation as soon as possible. The housing situation is extremely difficult in Köthen. We cannot help you with this. Please apply for a room immediately. One option is student dormitories - check the Links section.

For more information, please check the University homepage for international students.