Residence halls

Residence halls in Bernburg

The Studentenwerk (Student Services) Halle rents individual rooms and apartments in its residence halls with direct public transportation to Bernburg.

Overview of residence halls in Bernburg

  • Theodor-Roemer-Straße 3, 5, and 7 (Campus)

    Around three kilometers from the city of Bernburg - in the midst of the green district Strenzfeld - are these three identical, renovated residence halls on Anhalt University’s campus.

    Residence halls 1 to 3 offer a total of 226 rooms each between 15 and 19 m². The library and Mensa are also both located in this area. The good bus and train connections mean it is easy to get to the city center.

    For the most part, individual apartments and individual rooms in shared apartments for two or three residents are available. Residence hall 2 also has a living area that is handicapped accessible. All rooms are furnished and have a television, telephone, and internet connection through Anhalt University’s network. Residence hall 1 also has a living area that is handicapped accessible.

    In the residence hall basements, each floor has an assigned bicycle room, a common room, and a laundry room. The sports facilities near the residence halls can be used in the students’ free time.

  • Magdeburger Straße 23 and 25

    The residence hall, which includes two houses, is very close to the residence hall Magdeburger Straße 23.

    There are furnished individual rooms in shared apartments with between 2 and 5 residents with television and telephone connections and an internet connection through Anhalt University’s network.

    On the top floor are two shared apartments that offer ten tenants individual rooms.

    The shared apartments each have a shared bathroom and kitchen.

    The residence hall offers 89 rooms each between 9.8 and 12.8 m².

    There is a sufficient number of parking spots on the property.

If you decide you would like a room in a residence hall, the date on which the applications are received determines the order in which the rooms are allocated. Usually, the rooms are allocated according to the order in which the application documents are received (date).
Online registration: You can only submit your request for a spot in a residence hall online:

Application deadlines
31 August for the winter semester
28 February for the summer semester

Residence Hall Office in Strenzfeld
Theodor-Roemer-Straße 3
Residence hall I (WH I)

Opening hours (Residence hall I):
Tu, 15:00 - 17:00 (only at the start of the semester)
Telephone: +49 3471 352056