Prof. Dr. Eduard Siemens

Future Internet Lab Anhalt (FILA), chair of communication technologies

Welcome to my web page at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. On this site you can find information on the lectures, research activities as well as on other related topics.

The research activites of our team are running since 2010 under the name Future Internet Lab Anhalt (FILA).

Actually, more than ten researchers and engineers belongs to our team. Actual information on our research projects can be found on the pages of FILA. Besides that, our research achievements are routinely published  several proceedings of peer-reviewed conferences as well as in journals.

We also collaborate very tightly in a variety of projects with the Embedded Systems Lab headed by Prof. Dr. Ingo Chmielewski. I encourage you to visit ths site of his lab.

In accordance with the applied research focus of our university, our team is eager to support the transfer of our research results from the lab into the real-world business as novel products and services for the world. The  FILA transfer strategy comprises of three pillars:


  1. Development of innovative produkts on behalf of commercial compaines. In this area we work closely with regional and german-wide acting SMEs.We support our business partners in application for grants, in project managemenent,  the development, test and market placement of their products.
    You are an executive of an SME and have a bright product idea? - just contact us. You are looking for an appropriate fund scheme for the realization of your idea? - we know the actual programs of the state, federal and EU programs for innovation support.

  2. The sedond pillar of our strategy is the dissimination of research resutls by founding startups and spin-offs. In this way our former PhD students and researchers can profit from their excelent ideas in the business. Currently we are preparing several spin-offs, under inclusion of VC fundings.
    You arre a student or alumni of the University of Applied Sciences and have a great technology-driven idea? - please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or my team. You are a business executive and are looking for a suitable place for a technology-driven branch in our region? Just share your ideas with us, we bring you in touch with the right players in the region Saxonia-Anhalt.

  3. In order to secure the best exploitation of the research results, it is crucial to save the created values in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). In order to do so, we a submitting our results to patents. Mostly, the university acts than as the asignee whereby the dissemination is carried out by external companies. In the exploitation of the patents, the use of them as the technological basis for spin-offs takes always precedence. It is worth to note that the patent registration is of no charge for the inventors. The monetary reward of the founders is ruled out by the German employees laws.