Transition from Bachelor to Master

You are already studying in the Bachelor's program at Anhalt University and are now aiming for a Master's degree at Anhalt University?

There are a few things to consider here:

  1. Timely application for the Master's degree via the SSC portal
  2. Re-register for the next semester
  3. Adhere to the transition period
  4. Health insurance

1. Application via SSC portal

As a student of Anhalt University, you have the possibility to apply directly and without re-registering in the SSC Applicant and Student Portal. Please log in to the SSC Applicant and Student Portal with your student user account.

Your 4 steps to apply as a student:

  1. step: Login to the SSC Applicant and Student Portal with your HSA student user account.
  2. step: Click on the menu button "Study offer" --> "Study application".
  3. step: Next, click on the "Add Application" button.
  4. step: You can start your application. During the application process, be sure to include your matriculation number.

2. Re-registration

Please re-register in your previous program for the upcoming semester through the SSC Applicant and Student Portal.

More information on re-registration.

3. Adhere to the transition period

If, at the time of application for admission to the subsequent course of study, not all admission/registration requirements can be proven, admission/registration will initially be granted subject to reservation in accordance with §7 ImmaO.

This enables you, for example, to complete the final colloquium after the start of the new semester. Please note that all examinations must be registered in the old semester (last Bachelor semester).

Missing assessed work must be received by the Examinations Office no later than two months after the start of the semester (31.05. or 30.11.).

After receiving the final documents, please contact your responsible enrollment office by e-mail (indicate applicant number + matriculation number) so that the transfer from Bachelor to Master can be completed.

4. Health insurance

For enrollment in the Master's degree program, a new registration of the health insurance is not necessary.

Please note the information on the electronic reporting procedure.