Starting Your Studies in Dessau

Welcome to Campus Dessau

Time for your studies to start! We welcome you on Campus Dessau. Our introductory events will give you an initial orientation and will make it easier for you to start your studies. 

The two departments of Campus Dessau, the Department of Architecture, Facility Management and Geoinformation (AFG) and the Department of Design, welcome the new national and international students:

1st October 2019

Welcome of first semester students at the Design Department
10:00-11:00 am - Building 01/Room 303

2nd October 2019

Joint opening event for all first semesters of both departments
10:00-11:00 am - Building 08/Room 006

Barbecue and get together
12.00-13:00 o'clock - Seminar place

Fachbereich Architektur, Facility Management und Geoinformation

Tuesday, 01.10.2019

1 p.m. - IT implementation for students of Architecture (DIA) and Architectural and Cultural heritage . building 02 - room 204 (Pool 2)

2 p.m. – Launch Event for all international students: foreigners office, student service center and international office . building 08 - room 006

Wednesday, 02.10.2019

10 a.m. - Welcoming international students . building 08 - room 006

11 a.m. – Presentation of the study programmes

M.A. Architecture (DIA) . Prof. Ralf Niebergall . building 08 - room 006

M.A. Architectural and Cultural Heritage . NN . building 08 - room 174

M.Sc. COOP Design Research . Prof. Stephan Pinkau . building 10 - room E.44

Department of Design

Tuesday, October 1st 2019

  • Master Integrated Design (englisch)

    10:00-11:00 o'clock – Building 01/Room 303
    Welcome and introduction of the courses and teachers for all students

    11:00-12:35 o'clock – Building 01/Room 303
    Presentation of the topics of the short projects for all students

    14:00-15:00 o'clock – Building 01/Room 303
    Introductory event of the Student Service Center (SSC) and the International Office (IO) for first semester students

    15:00-16:00 o'clock – in front of building 01
    Campus tour for first semester students

    16:30-17:30 o'clock – Building 01/Room 303
    Short project exchange for all students

Wednesday, October 2nd 2019

  • Master Integrated Design (English)

    10:00-11:00 o'clock – Building 08/Room 006
    joint opening event for first semester students of both Departments of the Campus Dessau

    11:00-12:00 o'clock – Building 04/Room 208
    presentation of projects and topics for all students

    12:00-12:30 o'clock – Building 01/Room 303
    presentation of joint projects and topics with the MA program Intermediales Design for all students

    12:00-13:00 o'clock – Seminarplatz
    barbecue and get together for all students 

    13:30 o'clock
    start of short projects for all students