The WurzelWerk is a mixture of interest group and conservation association for students of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and contributes with different offers to active networking - especially within the Faculty 1.

In general, an intensive exchange with the employees as well as organs of the university, the student council and non-university associations or clubs, such as the Hotel Wien, is carried out in all areas.


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Active involvement is also encouraged: Practical biotope care can be organized as well as environmental education for local daycare centers and schools or the implementation and participation in protest events. Of course, what, when and how is always dependent on the active contribution of the students - feel free to come to us with your ideas and implement them with us.

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Leisure facilities

In addition to our commitment to the students' internal interests, we expand the range of leisure activities at the university and create opportunities for nature conservation education and community activities. The spectrum of our events ranges from film presentations and quiz evenings to excursions and activities such as the Krautschau or trash collections in the Bernburg area.

Our activities are subject to the non-profit idea. If necessary, funds are acquired through funding applications to the student council, the university or through cooperation with external associations. Therefore, there is no membership fee and a fixed membership status is not necessary. However, the most can be achieved if as many people as possible regularly participate in the planning and implementation of activities.

A central component of our initiative "everyday life" are the open meetings that take place at regular intervals during the lecture period. Exact dates and locations for the meetings are determined and announced at the beginning of each semester.

We are looking forward to meeting you!


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