Integrated Design (MA)

Department Design

Course content and objectives

A traditional, yet innovative approach in a historic and fascinating setting right next to (and in) the Bauhaus. The MID program incorporates the essentials of design: communication design, product design, space, audiovisual and digital media. These are blended through rigorous fundamental training and are interdisciplinary. This progressive international program focuses on the development of intercultural skills. It uses the truly synergetic power of a working environment with students from various countries and cultural backgrounds. The program requires a high level of media competence. Projects are based on both practical and experimental research. Students are encouraged to come up with systematic, creative, and individual solutions. International designers, visiting artists, and other specialists will support projects according to the topic and their professional area of specialization.


  • Degree in design or design related field such as architecture, art, or art history
  • Professional portfolio