Department of Design

Contact persons

  • Deanery

    Your contact for general questions about the department and direct contact to the department management.
    The Dean, the Vice-Dean, the Dean of Studies, the Assistant of the Dean's Office as well as the Dean's clerk form the Dean's Office, which is headed by the Dean. It organises the department's day-to-day business, manages the funds allocated to the department to fulfil its tasks and monitors their use. It creates the conditions for the persons assigned to the department to fulfil their obligations - in particular their teaching and examination obligations - and to fulfil their duties in the supervision of students properly.


    Prof. Brigitte Hartwig

    The Dean heads the department.


    Prof. Katrin Günther

    The Vice Dean represents the Dean.

    Dean of Studies

    Prof. Gerald Christ

    The Dean of Studies represents the Vice-Dean and is responsible for the organisation of teaching (regulations, timetabling, etc.).

    Assistant of the Dean's Office

    Claudia Brinkel

    The assistant of the dean's office supports the department mainly in the areas of organisation, marketing and communication with partners.

    Secretary's Office

    Dorit Brückner

    The dean's clerk supports the department mainly in administrative procedures and with regard to internal and financial administration.


  • Communication | Public Relations and Alumni

    Your contact for public relations, marketing and events, and alumni relations at the department.

    Ivonne Dietrich

  • Study advisor

    Your contact person for technical questions concerning the study programmes of the department.
    The academic advisors answer subject-specific questions during your studies, e.g. on the following topics:  

    • professional requirements for the course of study
    • Information on the details and design of the study process
    • Types of studies and courses
    • Selection of courses of study and main areas of study
    • Specialist advice for university or course changers
    • Study internships (also via the internship coordinator)

    Bachelor Integriertes Design

    Prof. Dr. Manuel Kretzer 

    Master Intermediales Design 

    Prof. Uwe Gellert

    Master Intergrated Design (english) 

    Prof. Uwe Gellert  

  • Examination Committee

    The examination committee is responsible for the organisation and conduct of the examinations and has legal supervision over compliance with the examination regulations of the degree programme. It appoints the examiners, determines the location and date of the examinations and monitors the examination deadlines.

    Prof. Dr. Hohl, Chair

    Prof. Gerald Christ, Vice-Chairman

    Prof. Dr. Manuel Kretzer

    Prof. Michael Hubatsch

    Research Assistants: Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Pollmeier

    Student Member: N.N.

  • Internship coordinator

    The internship coordinator will answer your questions about professional internships in the mobility semester of the Bachelor's program. Please send the signed internship agreements to your university mentor and a copy to the internship coordinator. For questions regarding workshop internships, please contact the workshop supervisors, for questions regarding the recognition of workshop internships, please contact the examination board.

    Prof. Nicolai Neubert

  • Representative for Foreign Affairs

    The Foreign Affairs Officer is responsible for international cooperation within the department, coordinates visitors from foreign delegations and can give students recommendations for stays abroad.

    Klaus Pollmeier

  • Research Coordination

    Dr. Judith Dobler supports the research at the Department of Design especially in administrative processes.

  • IT Administrator

    Uwe Krehan is in responsible for the IT infrastructure at the Department of Design.

    He administers and supports the department's server systems, provides assistance in their use, and implements basic IT security requirements for these systems. He is the direct contact person and coordinator for all questions concerning the use of IT hardware in the network of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. Furthermore, he supports all members of the department in setting up central university services, such as e-mail, VPN, etc. on the user devices.

  • Equality

    The Gender Equality Officer of the department deals with all concerns and demands concerning topics relevant to women. She is committed to achieving the goal of ensuring that women are adequately represented on the university's committees. The Equal Opportunity Officer is entitled to attend all meetings of appointment and, in some cases, other hiring procedures, as well as the departmental council.

    Gender Equality Officer

    Paulina Schröder

    Dr. Judith Dobler (Deputy)

  • Social counseling

    The financial situation of many students is difficult. Sometimes it is so serious that the question of dropping out of studies arises. To ensure this does not happen, there are the social counseling services. As a place to go, they help students with problems and difficulties of practical, social or financial nature. In social counseling we try to find individual answers to your problems. We also offer international students comprehensive and broad advice on topics such as

    • Job and Social insurance
    • Funding opportunities
    • Services and benefits during studies
    • Health insurance
    • Studying with child
    • Study with handicap
    • Integration aid for international students

    The social counseling offers advice and support in conflict situations and all other social issues around your stay und studies.

    In addition, the social counseling also awards financial aid, free meals, books and learning aid.


    Daniel Kühne | Social Counselor | Department of Law/Personnel/Social Affairs | Studentenwerk Halle

    phone: 0340 5197-6403

    e-mail: D.Kuehne(at)

    counseling hours: every Thursday from 12:30 pm until 03:30 pm

    office: builidng 06 | room 111

  • Psychosocial counseling

    Difficult life situations can also arise during studies. The Psychosocial Counselling Office of the Studentenwerk Halle will also help you at the Dessau campus and arrange the appropriate support. The services are free of charge and of course confidential. Please make an appointment for an interview.

    • Advice for study-related or personal problems
    • Support with motivation problems and life orientation
    • Counselling on interpersonal relationships and conflict situations, especially in relationships, living and residential communities or with parents
    • Dealing with fears, especially exam anxiety
    • Personality development: discover new perspectives and skills


    Ms. Böttcher | Social Counselor | Department of Law/Personnel/Social Affairs | Studentenwerk Halle

    counseling hours: every Monday from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm by prior appointment

    by telephone: 0340 5197-5217 or
    by e-mai: psychosoziale-beratung.dessau(at)

    office: Mensa building | room M/203

  • Further advisory services


  • Department Council

    As a collegial decision-making body of the department, the departmental council is responsible for the organization of studies by ensuring the range of courses offered within the framework of the available equipment, deciding on the study and examination regulations as well as on the awarding of university degrees. At the same time, it is responsible for implementing the necessary quality assurance measures on the basis of a regular evaluation of teaching and for taking the initiative in reforming the study program. The departmental council sets the priorities for research projects and for their coordination. In addition, it is responsible, among other tasks, for drawing up structural and development plans, proposals for appointments, and bylaws regulating the procedures and criteria for the allocation of study places in the university selection process.

    Member Group Professors:

    Prof. Brigitte Hartwig (Dean)
    Prof. Katrin Günther (Vice Dean)
    Prof. Dr. Michael Hohl
    Prof. Dr. Manuel Kretzer
    Prof. Uwe Geliert
    Prof. Nicolai Neubert
    Prof. Gerald Christ

    Member Group Scientific Staff:

    Virginia Binsch
    Klaus Pollmeier

    Member Group Staff:

    Matthias Lipeck

    Member Group Students:

    Joris Marian Graba
    Charlotte Gwendoline Ouandt


    Paulina Schröder (Gender Equality Officer)

  • Design Student Council

    currently not occupied

    E-mail to the Design Student Council

  • Dessau Student Council

    E-mail to the Dessau Student Council

    StuRa FB Design: Leo Lorenz Schlaikier

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