Department of food and nutrition sciences

The team of "Food and Nutrition Research" exist for more than 25 years. By the long-term teamwork a high scientific knowhow was evolved. The scientific activities be in the fields of technological tool and process also product development.

For instance, studies about consumer and consumption behaviour are performed as well examination of raw materials and produced foods (especially based on animal origin) by using advanced lab analysing technologies. Otherwise the existence of a modern equipped pilot plant facilitates the development of prototypical tools and technologies for raw material and food processing. In dependence on the current industrial problems customised, practice-oriented and innovative all-in-one solutions are developed. By qualification measures and publications the scientific knowhow is transferred into the industry.

The multidisciplinary alliance with companies, universities and non-university research institutes also networks in the field of nutrition as well as food, tool and machine production or quality examinations offers possibilities to establish new relationship and open up new research assignment.

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It is necessary to combine the creativity and imagination of the students with the experience and knowledge of the teachers in order to achieve greater scientific and practical progress.

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